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Argyle Pink Diamond
MDTdesign has a vast selection of Pink Argyle Diamonds already set into rings and pendants but also loose to allow our clients to choose the Pink diamond they like and create a design around. As with all white diamonds, Australian Pink Argyle diamonds have a colour grading scale. Pink diamonds are graded on the colour but are also graded also on the pink diamonds Hue. Both of these are very important factors in choosing the diamond that I right for you as both will have an impact on cost and change the look of the stone The rare argyle pink diamonds are graded on a scale 1 to 9 which refers to the intensity in colour in which the argyle pink diamond display. A diamond with a more noticeable pink colour will fetch a higher price than something with a lighter colour. The deeper and vibrant the pink diamond in colour, is, the rarer it becomes. The grading of the Australian argyle pink diamonds are from 1 to 9 with 1 being the most intense in colour and 9 being the lightest. This grading scale only refers to the intensity of pink colour in a pink Argyle Diamond and does not refer to the actual colour itself. Tones of every stone will vary slightly. Intensity of a Pink Diamond

  • Very intense (1)
  • Intense (2)
  • Strong (3)
  • Medium (4)
  • Medium Light (5)
  • Light (6)
  • Very Light (7)
  • Blush (8)
  • Light Blush (9)

The second scale of grading for an Australian Argyle pink diamond refers to the actual colour of the pink diamond only and is known as the Hue of the diamond. A pink diamond is obviously pink in colour but a Pink diamonds colour can vary from having a purple, rose or champagne tone. Letters are used to denote this grading scale and can have a large impact on price as the rarity of each of these stones change. Pink Diamonds Hue in order of rarity

  • PP: Purplish Pink
  • P : Pink
  • PR: Pink Rose
  • PC: Pink Champagne
Pink Diamond
An Argyle pink diamond does also have a Diamond clarity grading in the same way as a white diamond clarity scale works. As with all diamonds we recommend always viewing a stone before a purchase is made as colour’s and clarity’s change and you need to know and understand exactly what it is you are buying. In regards to the pink diamond clarity scale, grades display differently to a white diamond as there is a colour to the stone, a black or white inclusion can appear more visible whereas with a white diamond, the difference is not as noticeable. Australian Argyle pink diamonds do come with either an Argyle certificate or an Argyle lot number and if large or rare enough, are often laser inscribed for that added bit of verification.